Praise Rings Out
As Shaw Conducts
...Hagan acquitted himself nobly in the
high and difficult solo part of the "Sanctus,"
sung against the exquisite background of
women's voices. Hagan sang from somewhere
in the rear of the top balcony, which lent a
special celestial quality to the floating tones
of his smooth pellucid singing.

John Schneider    The Atlanta Journal   
 Sam Hagan was clearly the au-
dience favorite. His poignant pre-
sentation of the Carmen: Flower
was beautiful, dramatic and
secure. This was complemented
with the later rendition of It Ain't
Necessarily So,
full of formidable
technique and sheer showmanship.

Kitty Lamb    The Augusta Chronicle
Mr. Hagan followed Miss Holliday and did a breath-
taking performance of "M'Appari Tutt' Amor"
from the opera "Martha." The audience may have
been breathless, but Mr. Hagan surely was not as he
phrased so beautifullyrevealing his mastery of
breath control and articulation.

Wylie Graydon III      The Albany Herald